Magic Arganoil, NOOK‘s latest Treatment Line is celebrating one year’s anniversary with two exclusive new products designed for women’s natural beauty.

SECRET POTION is the new reconstructing treatment with instant penetrating action rich in Argan Oil, Keratin, Oligo-elements and Vitamin E, which are essential elements for the beauty and balance of the hair.
Designed for all heavily chemically stressed, dry and devitalized hair, it leaves the hair soft, light and full of vitality, giving an intense silkiness, shine and hydration. the potion is enriched with a vitalizing mandarin fragrance that fills your hair with energy and freshness.

The Secret Potion Treatment comes in two different professional product formats, making it super-easy to be used in the salon and at home.

GLAMOUR ECO HAIRSPRAY is the brand new anti-frizz eco hairspray with strong hold. It leaves all kinds of hair and styles supple and shiny, with an extraordinary hold.
Ideal for medium-thick, frizzy and difficult hair, softens and illuminates the hair without weighing it down, leaving no residue and zeroing any frizz.

Formulated with Argan Oil, Silk Proteins and special resins that help sealing and protecting the hair from brushing and blow drying stress.

Glamour Eco Hairspray‘s unique talc fragrance is 100% allergen-free.